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  • Most of the time, the time it takes for Cialis to take effect depends on the dose taken. The higher it is, the longer the preparation works. In general, the duration of action in older people (over 65 years of age) is not as long as in young people. The cause is that the reactions of organisms to Cialis are different in an older man and a younger adult. Many men in old age have various health problems, serious illnesses, they affect the effectiveness of ED therapy.

  • Student access provides the ability to access and complete training activities.

Logging In

Vanderbilt's Oracle Cloud sign-on link is:

To get started:

  • Click the above link or copy and paste it into your browser; and
  • Enter your VUnetID and ePassword on Vanderbilt's Single Sign-On page.

login screen shots

Trouble logging in? Oracle Cloud uses the same logon credentials as other Vanderbilt applications, such as email. If you are able to log into other applications, we recommend clearing your browser history, then reattempting logon using the link above.

Navigation in Oracle

Upon logging into Oracle, you will see your Home screen. The modules you see in Oracle will vary based on your role and responsibilities.

overview of navigation

Download the quick reference guide: Introduction to Oracle Cloud Access and Navigation